Deck Jackets

Originally issued during WWII, deck jackets were akin to the Army’s field jackets and provided relief to sailors in cold or windy wet environments. As one of the most enduring pieces of military fashion, the deck jacket has become one of the most widely worn pieces of attire by servicemen both on and off duty. Civilians have taken to the clean-cut look as well, which remains as trendy today as it was in the ‘40s.

We at Cockpit USA are privileged to continue this legacy by designing and supplying military-grade men’s deck jackets for military and civilian customers alike. We hold the designs of our jackets as close as possible to those of vintage deck jackets to preserve their functionality and enduring style while updating them as needed for today’s millennial consumer. All of our men’s deck jackets are manufactured using old-fashioned techniques and the highest-quality materials to ensure a look that is both polished in appearance and practical in application. Browse our inventory of vintage deck jackets today and select a style that will have you looking your best.

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