WWII Vintage Aviator Goggles Z99Y003

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These WW2 Aviator Goggles are a rubber cushion metal accessory used by Russian WW2 pilots as well as tank crews from 1942 to the present. These vintage pilot goggles were originally developed in the 1930's and used throughout WW2 up to and including present day by Russian tank crews after the Russian air force started to use crash helmets instead of leather helmets and goggles. Russian “volunteers” in the Korean war flew Mig 15 jets against American F86 Sabre jets wearing leather helmets and these goggles. These WW2 flight goggles are truly a collector’s item down to the original cardboard boxes.  Made by various factories, the rubber face pad had a variety of colors backing fabric which was never completely uniform. It was what was available on the particular day they produced. Same story with the elastic strap. Different color different day!!! When these are gone there will be no more. In this event, please shop our collection of other aviator eyewear.

Please note these aviator motorcycle goggles are assorted as they are vintage. Some adjustment bands come in black bands, Green bands, brown bands, and burgundy bands with silver frames.