B8 M44 USAF Goggles Z99Y017

Originally called Sun, Wind, and Dust M-1944 Goggles used by Air Force Pilots, Navy pilots, and tank crewmen alike, Cockpit USA’s latest addition has an interesting history. Starting out as M1944 or B8 Goggles, depending on the brand, these items have an incredible pedigree having served through WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A fascinating eyepiece for protection against excessive light and glare, the B8 M44 USAF Goggles include interchangeable neutral grey tinted lenses which facilitate vision when there is too much light. A contemporary homage to action in the sky or tank, the Lightweight WWII Goggles can be used on your scooter, motorbike, or while gliding through any street or town. This item is a final sale item and cannot be returned.

• Military Elastic Strap
• Interchangeable tinted lenses
• Comfortable Foam eye protector
• This item is final sale and cannot be returned
• This item is Made in the USA

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