Cockpit USA is thrilled to share that we’re joining forces with the D-Day Squadron yet again!

For those of you who may not know, the “D-Day Squadron”, as they like to call themselves is one of the largest assembly of authentic WWII C-47 military transport aircraft and paratroopers to date. Having created a limited edition flight jacket in 2019 for this notable group, we’re honored to share the new 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Squadron Jacket below.

From Left to Right: Will Miton, Justin Zgoda, Jon Savage, Tim Savage, and Iain Wayman. 
D-Day was the name given to June 6th, 1944 as the day of the invasion of the beaches in Normandy, France by troops from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries during World War II. France, at the time, was occupied by the armies of Nazi Germany, and the historical amphibious assault, codenamed Operation Overlord. This assault  landed nearly 156,000 allied soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. At the time, the D-Day invasion was the largest naval, air and land operation in history. By August 1944, all of northern France had been liberated, and in Spring of 1945, the allies had defeated the Germans, ultimately changing the course of WWII. 
From Left to Right, DC-3A "Sprit of Douglas" and C-47 "That's All Brother".  

Commemorating both the 80th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy and the 75th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, the D- Day Squadron is retracing the historic “Blue Spruce Route” across the Northern Atlantic in a fleet of WWII-era aircraft. Starting in Oxford, Connecticut, in May 2024, five of the squadron’s eleven aircraft will complete six flight legs to Europe. The significant nautical journey of six days, three thousand miles and eighty plus crew members aim to honor the courage and sacrifice of that fateful D-Day.

The DC-3A"Sprit OF Douglas" flying over the New York Skyline. Captured by Cockpit USA Photographer,  Ricardo Puttkammer

Kicking off the significant 80th Anniversary events, the D-Day Squadron performed a fly over the New York, Manhattan skyline with their iconic aircraft. Taking flight from Oxford, CT, the Cockpit USA creative team was on site to deliver our special 80th Anniversary Jackets to the pilots, reenactors, and supporters who will be flying to Normandy, France for the big commemoration. Featured below, The D-Day Squadron performed practice formations in a small glimpse into the careful flying that they will take to France.

  From Left to Right : Mindi Russell and Peyton Stikeleather

Upon arrival in France,  the D-Day Squadron will perform a special flyover for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6th 2024. Special ground ceremonies will take place which include a handful of paratrooper jumps before crossing the English Channel into Normandy to commemorate the Allied Invasion of France. Approximately sixty surviving WWII veterans will get to experience this incredible commemoration.



Crew members of the D-Day Squadron can be found wearing their exclusive Cockpit USA 80th Anniversary D-Day Jacket. This special tribute jacket is made to Cockpit USA’s U.S.A.F. 21st Century Jacket specifications. This jacket design maintains a piece of history of its own: according to comments made by Air Force pilots who requested practical modifications of the original re-issue 1987 version of the A-2 flight jacket. The USAF was looking to revive the iconic A-2 design as an opportunity to boost morale. After much hard work and dedication Cockpit USA’s Jeff Clyman produced the first 200 Reissued  A-2 jackets in 1987 for the Air Force’s 40th Anniversary.  

 D-Day Squadron's,  Iain Wayman wearing his Cockpit USA 80th Anniversary D-Day Jacket. 

Our limited edition 80th Anniversary D-Day Jacket is made of luxe goatskin leather. This style features a custom 2024 “Legacy Tour” D-Day Squadron chest patch and inside custom appliqué. Additional “Last of the Pathfinders” and “Certificate of Authenticity” appliques can also be found inside the jacket. This jacket includes a snap down collar and two front flap snap down pockets with side entry. Complete with knit cuffs and waist band, this jacket also includes two additional interior pockets for added storage. Tailored to serve present-day pilot requirements while retaining all the authentic charm of the original, this jacket is perfect for every day wear. Cockpit USA is the current official supplier of the USAF A-2 Pilot’s leather jacket. The 2024 D-Day Jacket is proudly manufactured  in the USA.

 From Left to Right: Will Miton and Cockpit USA's Jeff Clyman wearing our 75th Anniversary D-Day Jacket

We at Cockpit USA are honored to be included in this historical moment with the D-Day Squadron. Our mission, since 1975, has always been to preserve the history of military, aviation and American lifestyles. We invite you to visit the American Air Power Museum to see our C-47 for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day. Cockpit USA is the official sponsor of the American Air Power Museum and it is in our ‘Joint Force’ mission to “keep history flying” !

The cover image on this blog was captured by Artist, Haybag Maddie. The D-Day Squadron had their jackets custom painted by Haybag Maddie for this momentous event. All the additional photography is provided by Cockpit USA Photographer, Ricardo Puttkammer