We are excited to tell you that the 32oz wool melton  USA heavy duty Admiral USN”  Peacoat manufactured in the USA is back in stock in all sizes! 

Admiral Peacoat Z28P006

Just a refresher: the word pea coat originated from the Dutch word “pije” referring to  the type of  coarse blue cloth with a “nap” on one side.

Most of you probably don’t realize that sewing a jacket like this is harder than sewing a leather jacket! The wool is very thick and hard to work with.

Detail Admiral Peacoat Z28P006

Why do you think all other versions out there do not use such authentic heavy melton? The other version made in the USA is made of 28oz melton wool! Beautiful anchor buttons which are so iconic.

Admiral Peacoat Z28P006 Open

At $480 it is not the cheapest nor the most expensive which we have found at over $900. We look forward to your comments when you receive it! Don’t hesitate too long as we are only able to manufacture small quantities at a time.