Back in 1986 when the internet and social media did not exist, Cockpit USA‘s mail order catalog became a vehicle to advertise an upcoming Paramount movie called “Top Gun,” starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. Cockpit was already known for selling unique flight jackets with authentic patches or “nose art” on the back, so the Top Gun Jacket was born. This is the most appreciated version due to its specially tanned goatskin leather and authentically reproduced patches, then put through a weathering process which takes hours of attention. In addition to the Movie Heroes jacket, there are other versions of the Top Gun Leather Jacket. We also offer reproductions of the Nomex military issue CWU 36/P. We supplied the original government issue CWU/36P and provided this to the Paramount costume house which outfitted Tom Cruise. This jacket is worn by Tom Cruise in the sequel “Maverick” new Top Gun movie, yet to be released. The nylon used in our reproduction CWU 36/P is made to look like the original DuPont Nomex fabric used on the issue CWU-36/P of that era. Cockpit also manufactured these in the 1980s for the U.S. government. Browse our selection of Top Gun jackets and accessories below.