1.   When I put something in my shopping cart, does it mean the items are available?

Item availability is checked when you complete the purchase order. Placing an item in your shopping cart does not ensure its availability, if there are any issues with item's availability Cockpit USA will advise. 

2.  Are duties applied to my international order?

Cockpit USA does not include international customs fees or any taxes from country of import. International customers are responsible to cover all fees. Cockpit USA is subject to deduct any shipping and VAT fees it might cover for any refused international package from customer.

3.    Is it required to add signature when checking out?

It is not required to add signature at checkout but we highly recommend that all customers add signature as Cockpit USA is not responsible for for losses where the carrier shows goods delivered.

4.  Why are you not offering FedEx as a shipping method?

We have temporarily stopped using Federal Express due to too many issues with their service. UPDATE: We are currently offering FedEx and UPS as an international option.

5.    Do you sell Avirex jackets?

We sold the ‘Avirex’ label in 2008 and changed our name to Cockpit USA. We sell versions of all the jackets that made Avirex famous, and some of the same styles we have been making for over 40 years.

6.     What happened to all the colorful varsity jackets you used to make as Avirex?
We no longer produce the varsity line of jackets in the way that we did, but we do offer varsity styles on our site and continue to release newCockpit USA varsity jackets.

7.     What should I put on my Cockpit USA jacket to keep it new?
Nothing is really needed but for our Leather jackets you may try a little Mink Oil, LEATHER MILK,  Lexol or any natural product on an inside panel or under a pocket flap to see if you like what it does to the leather. The oil will darken the leather somewhat, so be careful not to use too much. We like to use Grandad's Leather Treatment or LEATHER MILK sold on our website.

8.  How should I clean my jacket?
Usually there is no need to clean a leather jacket but if you must, we recommend sending it to professional leather cleaner or furrier. A spot on a lining or sheepskin can be cleaned with a little Woolite applied with a damp sponge and allowed to air dry. It should be noted that the special finishes on many of the jackets may totally disappear if you dry clean it by regular methods.
9.     Are Cockpit USA jackets made with full grain leather? 

Yes, all of our Made in USA leather jackets are made with full grain leather.

10.     How thick are your men's sheepskin bombers?

For our regular sheepskin bombers the fur is approximately 5/8" in thickness. For our lightweight sheepskin bombers, the fur is approximately 1/4" in thickness.


11.     What repair or replacement services do you offer?
We can replace the lining, the knit cuffs and waistband, the zipper and even the collar of most vintage Avirex and all Cockpit USA jackets, as long as the leather is not too far distressed. Please call our customer service line at 1-212-575-1616 ext 33 for prices and time estimates. For more information visit our Jacket Repairs page.

12.     I am interested in one of your jackets, and am curious about the leather. Can you send me a swatch?
If you have a particular jacket or two that you are interested in, we can send you a swatch of the leather used on the jacket so you can inspect and compare it. Please send an email to info@cockpitusa.com or call 212.575.1616 to request a leather swatch invoice be sent.

13     Do you accept any old jackets for trade in or credit?
Yes, you can send in any leather or sheepskin jacket in wearable condition and receive a credit for $100 to be used towards the purchase of a regular priced leather or sheepskin jacket. Please send your order in with the jacket you are trading in. We donate these jackets to charity and will not be able to return the old jacket after you have sent it in. Last year we sent over 200 jackets to the New York City Coat Drive. Please keep in mind that none of our discounts can be combined and only one discount per order may be used.

14.     Are you part of “US Wings”?
No, we are totally separate companies. US Wings is a customer of Cockpit USA and sell our manufactured jackets on their website, among other brands.

15.     Are your jackets made in the USA or in China?
90% of our leather, cotton, nylon, bomber, and sheepskin jackets are made here in the USA. We endeavor to be very clear in the item descriptions regarding which items are imported and which are manufactured in the USA.

 16.     Why do you offer some jackets both "Made in the USA" and "Imported"?

To meet the demand of some customers looking for a quality jacket at a lower price point, we offer made in the USA and imported styles. Cockpit jackets and products made in the USA do cost more as they are made in our government factory to the highest standard. Imported versions are very good quality products and are usually sold under our ‘Blue Eagle by Cockpit USA’ label or under our fashion brand, ‘Civilian Pilot Training’.


17. I have been seeing your jackets sold on other websites at extremely low prices, are these real? 

If it's too good to be true, then it is probably not real. We are aware that there are many sites that use our product photos and descriptions without our consent. Please be aware that  these are fraudulent sites and not affiliated with Cockpit USA. We will take legal action against any website that pretends to sell our merchandize at very low prices. To ensure that you are receiving top quality Made in USA Cockpit USA items place your order on our website or email info@cockpitusa.com to verify an authorized retailer. Some sites to be aware of:

  • Edshoe
  • Gearsmore Shop
  • Alan cool
  • Pepopl
  • Canhall-1
  • Magotbior
  • Littlebes
  • Helloaza
  • Seravuy
  • BrosRay
  • LittleVio
  • Omoretee best
  • Yoohabit
  • Zoomdoll.com

18.     I used to receive your catalog every few months but I don't seem to now?

With the increased cost of printing and popularity of the internet, we only mail our printed catalog once a year now. If you have not received one in a while please contact our customer service department at 1-212-575-1616 ext 29 or email at info@cockpitusa.com. You can also select to receive our latest catalog with your order when you checkout on our website. You can view our catalog online here.

19.     What's the difference between the Z2567MM and the Z2011A?
The inside lining on the Z2567MM is a special quilted iridescent and insulated lining with attached appliqués and patches. The Z2011A has a plain brown cotton/polyester lining with no polyfill with 3 Cockpit “Aviator Flight Kit” labels on the inside.

20.     How do I clean my suede jacket?
We recommend that our customers use a stain/water repellent protector from Scotchgard. If garment is stained we recommend using a suede cleaning brush to remove any spots caused by rain, make sure skin dries first in order to use brush.

21.     Why is my order status "Processing"?
Please allow a maximum of 2-4 business days for your order to process and then be shipped. Orders are not processed on weekends or nationally recognized holidays.

22.     I don't use credit cards; do you take checks or money orders?
We will gladly take a check or money order, however it may delay the order for a week or two until it clears with the bank. Please contact customer service for details at 1-212-575-1616 ext 29 or email us at info@cockpitusa.com. If you have a PayPal or Amazon account, you can check out with your account.

23.    Can I use two different payment forms when placing an order?

Unfortunately at this time we only accept one method of payment when placing orders. When using gift cards with a Visa, MasterCard, & Discover logos please make sure balance in card covers order's total.

24.     How do I unsubscribe from your email list?
Please go to the latest email blast sent and select the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email. If you can not find the button please send an email to info@cockpitusa.com and we will take you off our email list.

25.     I saw your jackets on a different website and noticed a difference in price. Why is this?
The prices on other websites may show a difference of about 10% but we do not like to compete with our wholesale customers. Keep in mind, when you purchase from elsewhere, you are not purchasing the Cockpit USA trusted customer service we are known for.

26.     Why have your prices increased over the last few years?
The price increase of our jackets reflects the increase in the cost of raw materials in the region of 10% to 65%. Raw material commodities are becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive.


27.     I see jackets in other catalogs which claim to be made by Cockpit USA, but I don’t see them on your website?
We occasionally produce exclusive private label jackets for other companies just as we produce the A-2 leather jacket for the United States Air Force, but cannot sell those exact jackets commercially.

28.     Will you be opening up another store anytime in the near future?

Our showroom is open Monday-Friday from 10:00am -5:00pm.

We offer personalized retail shopping, or walk-ins are always welcome at our showroom located at 15 west 39th Street, 12th Floor, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in NYC.

Please give us a call at 1-212-575-1616 to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

29.     Do you customize jackets and how much does it cost?
Yes we do; prices vary so please contact customer service at info@cockpitusa.com for further details.

30.     I am interested in one of your jackets, and am curious about the leather. Can you send me a swatch?
If you have a particular jacket or two that you are interested in, we can mail you a swatch of the leather used on the jacket so you can inspect and compare it. Please send an email to info@cockpitusa.com or call 1-212-575-1616 to request a leather swatch for a small fee.

31.     What are the differences between the types of leather you use?
We carry many kinds of leather products and jackets:
Antique Lamb: Soft, supple, meant to wear with continued use to give the look of a "worn vintage" jacket.
Cowhide: Soft, durable, will maintain its color over years but become softer with age.
Goatskin: Standard for military use, does not "age" as quickly as antique lamb, light weight and durable but also tough as nails.
Horsehide: Standard for military use during WWII, very durable, comfortable but tough leather that softens and becomes more beautiful with age.
Sheepskin: Nappa leather finish on the "suede" side, very warm and luxurious with wool on the inside.

32.     What is the difference between the different fits?
The fits of our jackets vary:
Slim Fit: A contemporary fit but not tight; if you find a jacket is stated to be slim or mil spec you may want to order one size up for a roomy fit.
Regular/True Fit: Conforms to a standard sized jacket that you would find in most stores.
Full Fit: An oversized fit that usually dates back to some of our sizing from our designs in the 80s. You may want to order a size down to have a more contemporary fit.

33.     How would I know if I need to order a LONG size?
We recommend you ask our customer service department about long sizing if you are 6' 3" or taller. Most of our long jackets add an extra 2 inches in length for each size. Please reach out to info@cockpitusa.com with your measurements for a personal size recommendation.

34.     Are any of your jackets fire retardant, fire resistant, waterproof, etc.?
Yes! We offer a line of FIRE RETARDENT Nomex Flight Jackets. Our Nomex CWU Modified 45P Jacket is worn by the Florida Highway Patrol. We also offer a few nylon and wax cotton water repellent jackets for men and women. If there is something specific you are looking for, we are able to make a custom jacket if needed. Please contact customer service info@cockpitusa.com for additional information.

35.     What should I do if my jacket gets wet in the rain?
Leave to dry in a cool dry place with no covering and keep away from heat.

36.     How do I clean the shearling on my sheepskin jacket?

Get a batch of sudsy water with a clean cloth. Wipe the inside with the sudsy lather and use the damp wet cloth to rinse/wipe excess off. Let dry and brush with a soft brush.

 37.   How do I store my sheepskin jacket?

 You can store your sheepskin jacket on a hanger but must be a wide hanger at the shoulders so it doesn’t create dents or creases.  

Do not totally enclose your coat as it needs to breathe and try not to store it in a very warm place.



For any further questions about trendy leather coats & more, please contact the customer services team.

Telephone: 1-212-575-1616   •   Email: info@cockpitusa.com