Jacket Repairs


Our jackets can last a lifetime.


With hard wear and many adventures, a few things may need to be repaired or replaced on your “second skin”. Cockpit USA offers the chance to repair your trusty leather bomber or flight jacket and bring a new life to it. We can replace the cuffs, waistband, zipper, lining and even the collar of most Avirex jackets, prior to 2005, and Cockpit USA leather jackets, as long as the leather lends itself to repair.


Sometimes a jacket needs more than just the lining and waistband repaired. If your Cockpit USA or Avirex jacket has a missing or broken buckle we may be able to replace it. Send us a picture of the buckle missing with the type of jacket and year you bought it and we will see what we can do! Any Avirex flight jackets that need to be repaired with a new buckle would be replaced with a Cockpit USA bomber flight jacket buckle if the size and style match.


The turnaround time for the repairs is anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks. If you need your leather bomber jacket repair, or any flight jacket repair for that matter, to be rushed, we may be able to finish it sooner depending on what the repair requires. Send us an email with a picture of your jacket describing what needs to be replaced and we will find the best way to help you.


When sending us your jacket, please insure your package. We are not responsible for any item until it reaches us.


Please call our customer service for a price and time estimate at: 1-212-575-1616 or send us an email at info@cockpitusa.com


How to send us your Cockpit USA or Avirex jacket for repair:

Please print out the original email with your repair request and the price and time estimate and include it in your package. If you spoke with us over the phone, please include a letter with your name, contact information, and an outline of what you would like replaced on your Cockpit USA or Avirex jacket.


Insure your package and send it to our warehouse: Cockpit 725 New Point Road, Elizabeth, NJ 07201. Attn: Repairs


We will contact you upon receipt of your jacket to obtain a credit card for payment and, of coarse, when your jacket is finished. Your card will be charged when the repairs are finished and we are ready to ship your jacket back to you.


A jacket that lasts as long as ours is sure to have memories that will last even longer, so let us help ensure many more memories to come with it.