A-2 Flight Jackets

Bring the past into the present with our classic A-2 Leather Bomber Jackets. These flight jackets were issued to pilots, navigators, and bombers during World War II for the United State Army Air Forces. Owners of these jackets customized them with US squadron patches, which is a tradition we’ve carried on in our collection in order to add that authentic feel to our jackets.

Our A-2 Flight and Bomber jackets are made of heavy leather and will protect you against the cold as it did for the brave US Army pilots that dawned them before. Our jackets are lined with cotton for a comfortable feel when wearing them and come with a zipper for a snug, trim fit.

These jackets are a great to wear as a statement piece or as a quality, everyday use jacket. Browse through our huge collection of A-2 Leather Bomber Jackets and add this classic American style to your wardrobe!