Continuing with our brand‘s mission “to preserve the heritage of American lifestyles”, we proudly re-introduce to you the Pay Day workwear brand.

To celebrate this launch, we're offering you a 15% discount on the entire Pay Day collection. Hurry! This discount is only valid from Thursday, July 27th - Monday, July 31st 2023. Use code: PAYDAY at checkout! Also, we would love to hear from you! Please let us know what you think about the new Pay Day collection via email 

Embodying the feeling of a bygone era, the Pay Day brand evokes a time when clothing was made to last, providing hard-wearing garments to American workers for nearly a century. Pay Day clothing has been worn by cowboys, soldiers, farmers and laborers since the late 1920s.

Today, the dependable Pay Day brand transcends its industrious beginnings when clothing utilized superior fabrics such as; dense cotton, soft, yet sturdy chambrays and of course plenty of denim for long-lasting wear. The Pay Day collection includes; the Pay Day Shop Jacket and Pay Day Overalls, both are made from New Old Stock Cone Mills Denim, featuring triple needle stitched seams and Pay Day logo tack buttons. This engineered clothing is fitted for purpose and built for utility.

Each design conforms to the original Pay Day specifications, stitch for stitch, right down to the molding of the debossed buttons. Structured from a men’s uniform fit, Pay Day workwear is available in sizes XS-3XL and can be worn by both men and women comfortably. The Pay Day collection is exclusively available at Cockpit USA, the proud producers of American made civilian and military wear.

Featured below is our Pay Day Work-Man's Jacket and Vintage Denim men's Overalls that were an essential part of the common working uniform for farmers, craftsmen and workers in the auto and railroad industries. 

Championing American heritage and craftsmanship, Cockpit USA’s founder and Pay Day owner, Jeff Clyman, is dedicated to accurate design. “Today’s heritage consumer has a passion for the mechanics of a well-made product,” says Clyman. “Should that design come at the cost of time, so be it. The dedication to detail is an essential component to the Cockpit USA and Pay Day brand missions.” 

This flash sale is only available from Thursday, July 27th - Monday, July 31st 2023. This discount is limited to the Pay Day collection and it can not be combined with any other code or discount. Enjoy! Use code: PAYDAY at checkout!

The cover artwork above is illustrated by our web teammate,  Cienna Knights