Jacques de Vos photographed by Adrien 'Shams' Nisan for Red Bull
Our person of interest this month takes us out of Africa, and into North Norway Arctic. When we launched the Cockpit Globetrotters campaign, some shots from Don Young at Newland, Tarlton, & Co were posted on the personal pages of our upcoming adventurers of interest. After seeing a shot online, one of the most unique adventurers we could have imagined reached out to us offering to help. The friendly, humble e-mail mentioned he was a photographer, a free diver, and the minor detail that he operates guided free dives with Orca whales…….wait what?
  As understated as Jacques was in his communications, it is hard to not be impressed by a guy who swims around with Orca’s in the arctic. Partnered with Boreal Yachting, Jacques operates Arctic Freediving, an adventurers experience outfit that maintains a prominent position on the bucket list of the most daring of us all. An instructor trainer at the legendary Freedive International, operating out of Tanzania, Egypt, Thailand, and the Canary Islands, Jacques is truly a global personality. Bouncing between Nordic Fjords, and the volcanic grounds of Tenerife, Jacques lives an extraordinary life that required a jacket that fit the lifestyle he has created for himself.
Jacques de Vos out on the boat in his Cockpit G-1
Choosing to sport our Navy G-1, Jacques put on the jacket of Navy fighter jocks since WWII. A recognizable symbol for Top Gun, Corsair pilots, Tom Cats and battleship bridges, the G-1 has been a mainstay of cool for a very long time. Built to stand up to the rigors of an ocean faring lifestyle, Jacques chose the jacket that provided all the function, (and flare) a man who dives with Orca’s should have.
World Record freediver Alenka Artnik exploring a wreck in front of Freedive International in our Trendsetter B-15. Photographed by Jacques de Vos
Throughout the last couple of months Jacques has provided a string of breathtaking shots from around the world. Norwegian Fjords, beautiful ports, and even one of our B-15’s floating 80 feet below the surface with a ship wreck. He has also been able to pass on numerous stories of compliments our jacket has received. Being appreciated among the adventurers of the world is something we take great pride in.
The team of divers get ready to hit the water. Photographed by Adrien 'Shams' Nisan
This month, Red Bull will feature Jacques as a person of interest, if ever there was an endorsement for success in adventure sports, Red Bull sets the bar. We are looking forward to seeing Jacques, and his Cockpit G-1 telling his story, of his extraordinary life. Check out Jacques's Red Bull feature here.