Presenting our latest collaboration with one of our favorite brands, Krammer & Stoudt. We delivered a rugged yet sophisticated jacket that showcases both brands’ lifestyles, military with a classic western appeal.

About Krammer & Stoudt

Krammer & Stoudt is an East Coast label with West Coast cool by combining influences from the Southwest to vintage SoCal subcultures, Krammer & Stoudt offers a distinct perspective on modern contemporary menswear. Krammer & Stoudt incorporates the life experiences of creative director, artist, and head designer Michael Rubin. The brand combines nostalgic American styles with a modern take reflecting Cockpit USA's commitment to provide outerwear inspired by history.

Foremost an artist, Michael Rubin roots started in visual arts from the age of 13 when he worked as a surfboard airbrush artist; he later pursued his passion in the field with a BFA diploma from Cal Arts in California in the '70s.  Michael's designs incorporate art as well as the attitude found in music. "As a teenager I was drawn to Rick Griffin’s surf comics and airbrush designs for the Pacific Vibrations movie posters. Later in art school, it was the German Expressionists of the 80’s and Performance artists of the 70’s that shaped my art sensibilities. Music of the late 60s, early 70’s rock and roll, early punk, and 80’s electronic music are things I listen to all the time while I’m working. They all possess a certain feeling and attitude that I relate to" (, Michael Rubin On Artistic Sensibility And The Importance of Consuming Less Product). We recently sat down with Michael to talk a bit about our collaboration and how  The Taos Jacket came to life.

How did you first hear about Cockpit USA?

We first saw Cockpit at the Born In The USA show at Pitti Uomo in Italy. We were both showing our collections there.

Tell me about Krammer & Stoudt?

We are a menswear brand that started in Southern California. Since 2003 we’ve been living and working in Brooklyn. And like cockpit USA we too are cut and sewn in the US. We’ve done full collections that were shown at Men’s Day in New York during fashion week for the past three and a half years. The brand focuses on reinterpreting classic and vintage menswear through my personal historical references to art, artists, designers, and music. 

What inspired the collaboration?

We were at a trade show in Las Vegas and were invited to go to dinner with some friends. Jeff and Jacky were at dinner. That’s how we met. We made plans to meet at their showroom in New York. I brought a jacket I designed to our meeting called the Western Bomber. And we re-designed it together.


How do you style your Taos Jacket by Cockpit USA & Krammer & Stoudt

Lately, I’ve been wearing it with some four patch pocket Krammer & Stoudt trousers I made from wax cotton. Along with a wax cotton newsboy cap l made from the same fabric. Underneath I wear a Krammer & Stoudt western yoke shirt made from thick brushed cotton from Portugal. And for shoes, I wear my caiman crocodile Luchesse western boots.

About the Taos Jacket

Inspired by Cockpit USA’s Division Commander’s Leather Tanker, Cockpit USA infused the Taos Jacket with the functionality of both the iconic A-2 Flight Jacket and the M-41 Field Jacket. We added a removable mouton fur collar, while keeping the traditional front bellowed pockets, featuring hidden side entry pockets.

To maintain Krammer & Stoudt’s signature look, the jacket features classic western details, setting it apart from the typical leather bombers currently being sold. We characterized the Taos Jacket by featuring stylized yokes on the front and back, elevating the look of the garment. Krammer & Stoudt, like Cockpit USA, is proudly made in the USA, only using the finest materials for durability and comfort. Krammer & Stoudt, like Cockpit USA, is proudly made in the USA, only using the finest materials for durability and comfort.     .