As the oldest catalog in the country, Hammacher Schlemmer are, like Cockpit USA principal facets and purveyors of American heritage at its best. First published in 1881, the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog became the East Coast's go-to source of choice for all things hardware. Since, the company has relentlessly grown, moving home to larger premises and becoming hardware pioneers by being the first to provide every new invention including the pop-up toaster in 1930 to the cordless telephone in 1975! Despite their many years and many expansions, Hammacher Schlemmer's  mission to strictly provide goods of high quality and functionality only stands strong. Naturally, Cockpit USA's Z2567 Army Air Corps Leather Flight Jacket and Z2979N A-2 Cotton Bomber Jacket is proudly included amongst their wares! Indeed it is true what they say, 'some things should never change.'