Aged for a well-worn vintage look, we're pleased to introduce to you the Battleworn A-2

For our new pre-aged horsehide A-2, we started with the classic style we use for our WWII government issue type A-2 horsehide flight jacket in dark brown mahogany. Knowing that thousands of these jackets were manufactured till 1943 and some are still in use, we wanted to recreate what one of these jackets might look like after 80 years of wear and tear.

The Battleworn™ A-2 is crafted from full grain horsehide, with many of the original traits of a jacket issued back then, but fully wearable. We put these jackets through a very time consuming, hand aging process so not one of the jackets looks exactly like another. This bold A-2 is aged to perfection and will definitely set you apart from others. 


Featured here on Model, David Kosh, our Battleworn™ A-2 is perfect for a scenic Fall flight, or a nice stroll through the city. Shop this new style and more of our finely crafted in the USA flight jackets here!