The RAF Shearling is one of our most iconic styles which we have been making for over 47 Years. Today, we're excited to offer you the updated Fighter Weight style great for all weather and city wear as well! 

Featured here on Men's Style expert Ben Brewster of The "RAF Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket" is a lighter version of the original RAF.


With open cockpit fighters in mind, this sheepskin flight jacket was originally designed for the Royal Air Force (R.A.F) in 1937 with very thick shearling. Proving too cumbersome for the tight enclosed cockpit of the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft, these pilots tailored their flight jackets to shear down the wool to allow more freedom of movement. 

Cockpit USA has introduced this short sheered shearling that is light enough for everyday wear and ideal for winter layering over knitwear. Built to last, this jacket is tanned to"antique" as you wear it, resulting in a unique patina over time. 


The Fighter Weight RAF style in now in stock and ready to ship, order yours today!