In celebration of Top Gun Day we collaborated with Guitarist & Cockpit USA customer Federico Cartello to play the iconic opening score of the film Top Gun in his very own Movie Hero G-1 Jacket!

Below, Federico is playing on his custom made Hoxey M2M guitar with an aluminum neck. Because when you "feel the need for speed" there is no denying the TOP GUN EFFECT! Be sure scroll down for more Top Gun Day surprises!

This sale will run from Saturday, May 13th through Monday, May 15th 2023.  This Offer is exclusive to the Movie Hero Collection and cannot be combined with any other sale or discount code. The TOP GUN DAY SALE has ended. 

Take a look inside the Cockpit USA factory! Going behind the scenes in the making of our “Movie Hero” CWU-36/P Flight Jacket!

A faithful reproduction of the Mil-Spec Nomex Summer Weight Flight Jacket, our CWU-36/P is made of durable nylon twill (not fire retardant) woven to Cockpit USA specifications for everyday use. Don't forget to click the subscribe button on our youtube channel below. 

All of the images included in the Top Gun Day Celebration are customers and friends of the Cockpit USA family. From Left to Right; Jerome LeBlanc, Oleg Shevchyshyn, Lil' Slick John Baum, Ruben Ruiz, András Dobos, Pilot Ambassador Tory Crosby and Cockpit USA's Jeff, Jacky and Scott Clyman