Most of our Off Duty features are about pilots who share incredible stories about what they do on a day-to-day basis and what they see in the not-so regular job field. This story was different. We came across an Instagram post about two generations of pilots who share a passion for flight and airplanes.
Join us in a short Off Duty Q & A with Pilot Johnathan Myers as he shares his story about honoring his grandfather, a US Veteran bombardier- a bomber crew member in the US Army Air Corps (1941 - 1945) , by wearing his own Cockpit USA B-3 Bomber Jacket

Cockpit USA: How did you discover Cockpit USA?

Jonathan Myers: The internet and Instagram. I was looking for authentic leather Flying jackets and you guys are the best! 

Cockpit USA: What do you Fly? What type of Pilot are you?

Jonathan Myers:  I fly for my own business and pleasure and have commercial pilot, mechanic, and instructor ratings. I am also an orientation and mission transport pilot for the Civil Air Patrol.

Cockpit USA: Tell us about your grandfather and how he inspired you. 

Jonathan Myers:  My grandfather, Capt. James Myers, was the squadron bombardier for the US Army Air Corps 703rd Squadron of the 445th bomber group in WWII. His commander was none other than movie star Jimmy Stewart. He and Stewart flew several missions in the same B-24 over Germany. He flew 30 missions, received 4 Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. I'm just grateful that I was able to connect with him more deeply through our love for aviation. 

Cockpit USA: What type of plane did your grandfather fly? Did it have a name? 
Jonathan Myers: He flew a B-24 (shown above) named "The Lady Shamrock".   


Cockpit USA: Cockpit USA: Are there any other pilots in your family?

Jonathan Myers: My two oldest kids are learning how to fly, but my grandfather and I are the only aviators in the family to date.

Cockpit USA: What type of plane do you fly?

Jonathan Myers: I own a 1965 Beechcraft Bonanza, the Beech 18 in the photos, and a 1949 Cessna 195. I love to fly and maintain classic aircraft.

Cockpit USA: What are your favorite Cockpit USA styles?

Jonathan Myers: I absolutely love my B-3! It has kept me warm on a cold, windy ramp pre-flighting or fueling my planes. The quality is top notch and I wish I had not waited so long to order one. Your WWII A-2 is next on my list for everyday use or the USAF 21st Century A-2. Both look amazing! 

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