Earlier this week we came across Pilot Clément wearing our collector's edition Ace's & Eights bomber jacket on Instagram. We just had to find out more...  please read our recent Q & A with WWII Reenactor Pilot Clément from from Arras, France.

Cockpit USA: What inspired you to become a pilot? What type of Pilot are you? 

Pilot Clément: As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in aeronautics. Seeing the world from above is something that always fascinated me. It forces you to be humble and to see life differently. I fly twin-engined airplanes for work.

On my Free Time, I like to fly over the countryside and historic monuments with my family. I typically fly a 1944 Piper L4 left in France by the US forces after ww2.

 I am a ww2 reenactor, this period has completely modified the faces of all countries involved and I have always been grateful for the sacrifices made by so many men and women during this conflict. I am very attached to the friendship between the French and the American people, so I decided to pay tribute to the men of the US forces by reenacting some of them.

Clément wearing our Cockpit USA Aces & Eights Flight Jacket Z21V029

 Cockpit USA: How did you come across Cockpit USA?  

Pilot Clément: I needed an A-2 jacket to complete my USAAF pilot impression, I love the A-2 and G-1 vintage styles, with squadrons leather patches, Pin up girls or writings in the back. I also think that Field and Deck jackets look really cool and I plan to get one soon!

Cockpit USA: How do you wear your Cockpit USA jacket? 

Pilot Clément: I usually wear my jacket with dark or beige trousers and sneakers. I like to have a casual /vintage style on weekends. Every time it gets a bit cold outside, I wear my Cockpit USA jacket to fly, it feels really warm and it allows me to fly with the lateral door open! (Which is the real way to fly a Piper L4!!)

Front and back view of Cockpit USA's Aces & Eights Flight Jacket Z21V029

Cockpit USA: Where are you flying to next? Do you have Instagram? Is there anything special you would like us to know? 

Pilot Clément: In the future I aim to keep on living my passion for flying and reenacting. I also hope to be able to come back to the USA soon!

To conclude I like Cockpit USA jackets because they are really good looking, and I am keen on their high quality!

Follow our Pilot Clément at @willyshelmets.