It is a very rare occasion that a style from our Heritage Collection goes on sale. The iconic Reissue A-2 jacket is on sale now! 
Preceding its reintroduction in 1987, Jeff Clyman, President of Cockpit USA, worked closely with the Air Force Uniform Board at the Pentagon and the Product Development Group at Wright Patterson Airbase on modern specifications for the new A-2 jacket, adapting the WWII version to cater to current aircrew needs. True to the original in spec, intrepid in its past and classic in style, this WWII A-2 jacket is a timeless wardrobe piece of history. This Reissue A-2 style is available in a 3 options; classic Z2107Glong sizes Z2107GL as well as a modified version Z2107GM with interior pockets. Please note, we usually suggest our long sizes for customers who are 6'3" or taller. 
Our products are handmade in the USA. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime sale! Order your Reissue A-2 jacket today while supplies last! They are limited, so hurry!