The Stealth Top Gun Varsity is the newest addition to our Varsity and Movie Hero Collections. Combining the best elements of heritage and sportswear into one, this jacket has all the classic features of a varsity style that we love: a Melton wool body, full grain leather sleeves, and striped knit cuffs and waist band. This special collector’s jacket also features patches from the original Stealth Top Bomber Jacket, offering the classic feel of traditional varsity style with a Top Gun twist. 

Featured here on former USAF Thunderbird #2 Pilot and USAF Weapons School (Top Gun) graduate and instructor, John @slickbaum, our Black Stealth Varsity jacket now joins our Movie Hero Collection with all of the details featured on the big screen’s most famous Fighter pilot, but updated for individuals who choose to move stealthily through the world.

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