It's the most wonderful time of the year! We know just how incredibly difficult it can be to find a perfect gift for your favorite someone. Fortunately, we have a team of Cockpit USA Pilot Ambassadors here to help you find the best gift! 

We recently caught up with @PilotAnnie to see how she is planning her Cockpit USA holiday shopping list. In no particular order please see Pilot Annie's gift ideas below. 

Cockpit USA: Please tell us about about these beautiful images from our Take Flight Sale?

Pilot Annie: Flying over my hometown in the winter months is magical. The snow-covered mountain makes me feel like I'm living in a snow globe as I look down on this winter wonderland's miniature trees and homes. On this particular winter day, we set off on a sunset flight and flew formation along the Georgian Bay Escarpment. My friend and talented photographer, Helene Boudreau, captured some beautiful shots of me chasing the sun away. 

Cockpit USA: What are your favorite Cockpit USA jackets and why? 

Pilot Annie: 

1. Women's N3B Long Parka

The N3B has everything you could want in a jacket. It’s incredibly warm, has lots of pockets for utility and function, and looks great with every outfit. The price point is also very fair, considering it’s made in the US and features high-quality materials. It is my everyday jacket throughout the winter, and considering the amount of abuse it gets from me, it is still in amazing condition.

2. Women’s Shearling B3 Bomber

This jacket is my favorite of the entire Cockpit USA collection. Its authentic vintage style pays tribute to our aviation forefathers while staying relevant in this modern age. There aren’t a lot of jackets that do that. Wearing this coat makes me feel invincible and fashionable….and it’s a great feeling!
Cockpit USA: What Cockpit USA item would you choose for a loved one or a friend? 
Pilot Annie:  If I could choose an item from Cockpit USA for a friend, I would choose the B-6 shearling for my dear friend Murray. He owns an L-19 Birddog, and in the wintertime, it gets so cold in that airplane it could be an open cockpit bi-plane. The trimmed-down shearling makes it super functional so that you can reach everything in the cockpit. 


The Cockpit USA website is loaded with tons of other gift ideas from; leather gloves, vintage goggles and (of course) incredible jackets, and more - available in a range of sizes and prices. With our selection of proudly made in USA products, you're sure to find a unique piece of history and/ or something special for your aviation enthusiast.