For many, 2022 marked the world’s return to the big screen! Some of the brightest stars of the twentieth century have revived their legendary stories to summon viewers back into movie theaters all across the globe. Last year, we celebrated the return of Top Gun: Maverick. This year, we’re thrilled to welcome back the heroic archeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones!

Characterized by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, is the 5th installment for the Indiana Jones franchise. Known for his all-American characteristics, many may not know that Ford is also a skilled pilot and aircraft collector. It should go without saying that the Indiana Jones saga is one that we at Cockpit USA have enjoyed watching closely. Please join us as our founder, Jeff Clyman, shares a story in his own words of how a night out at the movies inspired the new Cockpit USA Explorer jacket below.

Wow! I just went to see the latest Indiana Jones film “Dial of Destiny”. The film was so reminiscent of the spirit that all the Indiana Jones films conveyed that I was super inspired to find a similar jacket worn by the Protagonist. I wanted one of those for myself.  There weren’t any on the web that really looked true to the original and they all seemed to be ratty imports,  so I decided… why don’t I make one right in my own factory.

It should be acknowledged that the Indiana Jones film I saw was a contemporary derivative of an old 1954 Charleston Heston film called ‘Secret of The Incas’. In that film,  Charlton Heston’s character, Harry Steele, wears a 1930’s faux A-2 flyers jacket, that is really beat up with an insignia painted on the left chest probably to infer that he was a WWII aviator. While the main actor in the Jones movies was not an aviator, the jacket he sports is typical of the late 1930’s, similar to a real A-2 but a much longer and distinctly not trimmed with wool knit on the waist or the cuffs.   

In  short, I wanted to make a jacket that is easy to throw over your shoulders and stick your arms through. A jacket long enough to provide coverage for arms and artillery and it had to convey multiple signs of expedition wear, sort of worn-in, and a little beat up… so that it doesn’t look like someone took a piece of sand paper to fake the worn look”. Jeff finishes.


The Cockpit USA Explorer Jacket is inspired by  heroic archeologists and adventurers. Blending earth tones with military inspired aesthetics, the Explorer jacket was made to be worn easily, made of two-toned horsehide leather that is developed to age as you wear it. This style can be worn nonchalantly over a safari shirt and khaki pants or dressed up with a nice clean shirt and tailored trousers. This jacket features two front snap-down side entry pockets and a front flap with zip, a bi-swing back for mobility, adjustable d-rings and two additional inside pockets. The Explorer derives from the classic A-2 flight jacket, only the snap down collar. The knit cuffs and waist band have been removed for more casual and grounded expeditions.

Whether you’re channeling Dr. Jones or pounding the pavement on your next crusade, the Explorer jacket is now available to order here!