The Cockpit USA Heritage Collection takes us back to the classic styles of the 1930s through the 1960s when the evolution of the letterman’s sweater into the Classic Varsity or Award Jacket became an iconic sportswear style. Worn first by high school, college, and professional athletes, the Varsity jacket soon found its way into everyday fashion and wear.  



In the early 1980s, Jeff Clyman, the original founder of Avirex and now President of Cockpit USA, added  another dimension to the collection of real Americana outerwear. He decided to add Varsity or Stadium jackets to the growing popular group of flight jackets he had recreated. He then added the large-logoed brand name to some of the first varsity jackets made-taking the totally new concept never seen before to new heights. Born were the “logoed” varsity jackets which soon became the “go to style” for the iconic Hip-Hop artist of that era and later for other brands to adopt. Fat Joe became the first celebrity to sport our varsity style.



Our current Cockpit USA Award jackets have all the classic features of the varsity style we all love that includes a wool body, full grain leather sleeves, and the striped knit cuffs and waist band.

The Cockpit USA men's Classic Varsity style jacket features the pointed collar style found on many vintage styles adding to the clean classic lines. Like most varsity styles, the Classic Varsity  jacket also features a light quilted lining. This style has a front zip and snap closure for extra warmth. Available in tan wool and leather brown sleeves, this letterman's jacket is left as a blank canvas to be worn as a clean and fitted casual jacket, or can be adorned as the heart desires! This signature piece is finely crafted here in our factory proudly made in the USA where the Varsity Style began.


Featured here on Men's Style expert Ben Brewster, The Classic Varsity is now available for pre-order here