There are only a select number of items in a man’s wardrobe that scream “Americana” like the varsity jacket does. Worn first by high school, college, and professional athletes, the varsity jacket soon found its way into everyday fashion and wear.

Our fist introduction of the varsity jacket style was introduced under the brand name Avirex in the early 1980's. Back then, the Hip-Hop community intuitively understood the Americana concept and adopted the style as a status symbol of luxury. Since then, our varsity jackets have been worn by students, celebrities, and iconic rappers. 

Earlier this year we decided to bring back our Heritage Varsity Collection and we’re excited to share that we were recently featured in one of our favorite websites,, and worn by Athlete turned Actor, Omari Hardwick. The collection has also been worn by Menswear Icon Eric Rutherford and Menswear Style Expert Ben Brewster. In no particular order please see all of the above, featured below.

“Varsity Jackets evoke a sense of being young and becoming a fully-formed teenage gladiator. Receiving one was a rite of passage for every player that wanted to make it in ‘the big leagues’. A simple garment represented a blend of team spirt and personal achievement”, says Zach Liollio in his recent article on ‘The History of Varsity Jackets’ for Heddels that features two of our Heritage Varsity Jackets shown below.

The Cockpit USA Heritage Varsity Collection takes us back to the classic styles of the 1930s through the 1960s when the evolution of the letterman’s sweater into the Classic Varsity or Award Jacket became an iconic sportswear style. Please see Actor Omari Hardwick wearing the Classic Varsity jacket below. Many may not know that Hardwick is a former player for the University of Georgia.

 The Cockpit USA Classic Varsity jacket features the pointed collar found on many vintage styles adding to the clean, classic lines. Like most varsity styles, the Classic Varsity jacket also features a light-weight quilted lining. This jacket has a front zip and snap closure for extra warmth. Available in tan wool and leather brown sleeves, this letterman's jacket is left as a blank canvas to be worn as a clean and fitted casual jacket, or can be adorned as the heart desires!
Last but certainly not least, The Pro Shearling Varsity features all of the original hallmarks of the traditional letterman’s style but with an elevated twist! This version is crafted from suede shearling pelts for thickness, texture and warmth.
While it may be difficult to believe that game season is right around the corner… The Heritage Varsity Collection is guaranteed to keep you warm anywhere from the stadium to a chilly night out on the town. Finely crafted here in our factory, the Cockpit USA Heritage Varsity collection is  proudly manufactured in the USA where the Varsity Style began.