The iconic reversible MA-1 flight jacket was first worn by U.S. Air Force pilots and aircrew. This jacket then became a surplus favorite for civilians and was further elevated into a classic fashion must-have in both film and television, most memorably worn by icon Steve McQueen in the 1980’s movie “The Hunter”.

Inspired by the history of the MA-1 Jacket and the individuals who wore it, we’re excited to now offer you the newest addition to the MA-1 collection, the MA-1 Nylon Backpack.

Our ultra-lightweight MA-1 Backpack has all of the iconic details of the MA-1 Jacket and it also features two side pockets with drawstring adjustments. Both the Backpack and jacket are the perfect compact carry-on items.


 Originally adapted by the U.S. Air Force in the 1950’s, this iconic nylon jacket was worn by various armed forces. In the 1980s the MA-1 Flight Jacket was used by U.S. Army helicopter crews and is known as the “Nylon Pilot’s Jacket”. Boasting a bright orange reversible lining for survival purposes, pilots would turn the jacket inside out to make them visible to rescue crews. This rugged jacket used by military and paramilitary organizations is a timeless style that can be worn in all seasons.

The Cockpit USA MA-1 Jacket and Backpack have become favorites amongst our Pilot Brand Ambassadors including Pilot Bruno and Pilot Brad Womble.

Available in both black and sage colors, shop our MA-1 products here