With Christmas only weeks away, shopping fever is reaching its peak! Whether doing it online or hitting the pavement, we know retail preparation for the holiday season can be a stressful, time-consuming ordeal. However, this is not the case with Cockpit USA! Away from the shopping crowds bustling down below, the Cockpit USA store is a haven located at our HQ in the fashion district of New York City. Customers are invited to come and browse and try on our iconic leather aviation jackets, luxurious knits, fitted shirts and the contemporary Civilian Pilot Training collection in peace. A retail experience unlike any other, our customers are greeted in true hospitable, American style with a cup of tea or joe (or even eggnog!), given a tour of the entire leather collection and given an exclusive first look at our newest offerings. With no elbowing crowds and no lines for the cashier, the Cockpit USA store is the only stress free way to shop for Christmas! Opening times: 10am - 5.30pm Located on 15 West 39th St. 12th Fl.  (212) 575-1616