Get geared up for the holidays with the Cockpit USA 12 days of Christmas event. 12 Days, 12 deals, each day offering 20% OFF that days look. Beginning December 10th, and running through December 21st, have everything you need for your holiday shopping. Day 1, December 10th: Use code DAYONE Today only take 20% OFF our Surge Coat, Navy Officers Overnight Bag, and 1941 Officers Crush Cap. Use code: DAYONE for 20% off our Surge Coat, Navy Officers Overnight Bag, and 1941 Officers Crush Cap on Dec. 10. The Surge Coat Often referred to as the “officers overcoat” this classic style dates back to the late 19th century. We have added a large shearling collar for both added warmth in the winter months, and an air of timeless sophistication. The Surge coat is as comfortable over a suit, as with a comfy sweater, and dark jeans. Navy Officers Overnight Bag The perfect overnight bag, this elegant but functional bag features a built in iPad case, large separated interior pocket, and rugged reinforced heavy cotton canvas design. 1941 Officers Crush Cap By removing the inside support ring from the cap pilots could fit earphones on top of their cap; creating the nickname “crush cap”. The perfect gift for any aviation fan. Use code: DAYONE for 20% off these styles on December, 10th only. Don't miss out! Cockpit USA's Surge Coat in Navy. Cockpit USA's Navy Officers Overnight Bag in Navy.