It was another day of great victory in WWII history when it was announced in March this year that the American Airpower Museum was to be saved from certain demise thanks to the dedicated efforts of Congressman Steve Israel and Senator Charles Schumer. The historic gem in Long Island's crown almost almost fell victim to the Federal Aviation Administration's runway safety program which would have seen the site completely demolished. However, with the unrelenting combined efforts of  Israel and Schumer, it was indisputably proved that the FAA had no authority to take such actions, thus saving the museum and preserving the modern day monument to those who bravely fought for the nation during WWII. Senator Charles Schumer says: “The fighters, bombers, and transport planes housed and displayed here were vital to the defence of our nation. It’s imperative that our children and our grandchildren can visit the American Airpower Museum and understand role these aircraft played and the sacrifices that were made by these pilots to ensure our freedom.” Managed solely by a team of volunteers, primarily made up of veterans and contributors to our history, the museum is home to many relics of a valiant American chapter, including the B-17 Flying Fortress emblazoned with the famous Memphis Belle, a Republic P47 Thunderbolt and the renowned Curtiss-Wright P-40 Warhawk. As proud sponsors, Cockpit USA regard the museum as a testament to American pride and as a treasure trove of inspiration for our designs! The colossal success of protecting the AAM not only symbolically  safeguarded reverence for veterans and the armed forces, but the triumph also paved the way to establishing the American Airpower Museum as a true and official landmark of the nation's proud aviation heritage.