To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, on Thursday 12th until Monday 16th April, the American Air Power Museum's B-25 'Miss Hap' and its crew will retreat once again to Dayton Ohio. Named after General James Doolittle, a lieutenant general of the USAF at the time, he devised an operation to strike the Japanese mainland in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor which went on to become American's first major counter attack in the pacific in April 1942.  Made popular by the novel and movie, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, the onslaught involved the launch of land based B-25 Bombers from an aircraft carrier for which General Doolittle received a Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership. A fly by will accompany this year's event which is to be held at the USAF Museum. In addition, surviving raiders and original members of the USS Hornet Crew that transported and launched them on their courageous mission, Chinese rescuers that aided the landed crews in mainland China afterwards will be in attendance. An excess of 20 B-25s are due to make the historic journey alongside 'Miss Hap' and crew, making what is to be the last public gathering for the Doolittle Raiders as they toast their departed in a final public Goblet ceremony, ever the more memorable. As proud sponsors of AAM, Cockpit USA will be there!