What better way is there to spend the very first weekend of August then at an awe inspiring air show? As delighted sponsors of the American Airpower Museum, we at Cockpit USA are happy to announce that this weekend we will be making an appearance at the Great New England Air Show. Located at Westover ARB/Airport Chicopee MA, the weekend’s proceedings will feature the AAM’s P-47, P-40, C-47, and B-25! Alongside our vintage plane contributions will also be an assortment of modern military aircraft, including the C-17 Globemaster III and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and fly-bys courtesy of the US Navy F/A-18 fighter-bomber, F-15 Eagle and a Navy Legacy Flight comprised of a combination of old and new planes flying in formation. The show starts at 8.30am – see you there!