Cockpit - Originated in 1975 as the first mail order catalog to offer
military leather and textile goods and official supplier to the U.S.
air-force. Launching CPT (Civilian Pilot Training) the fashion
contemporary brand stemming from the military and american lifestyle
of Cockpit.
Take a sneak peek in the behind the scenes of the Cockpit
fall 2010 photo shoot where the models are friends and the work is
Follow the Shoot Process: Photo #1: Setting up the studio
Photo #2: Detailing the models
Photo #3: Application in Ads and Promotions
Director: Rudy Gonzales
Photographer- Matthew Powell
Stylist- Barret Wertz
Hair & Makeup-Joelle Troisi
Hair & Make Up- Adora Rae Ramos
Assistant- Marc Gamerio
Assistant- Nicholas Fancyface Harris
Model- Jen Waite
Model- Patrick Crough
Model- Ray Testa
Model- A.J. Ojeda Pons
Model Phillip Konig
Edits: Zachary A.  Martz