The Cockpit USA, CPT branded D.I. style shirt will not only gain you respect, it is also the best fitting casual or official military looking shirt you will find anywhere. Inspired by shirts worn by officers and Drill Instructor Senior Sargeants in years gone by, the shirt gained the nick name "D.I." shirt. The D.I. shirt sports all the features of the originals dating back to World War II. Two chest button flap pockets and shoulder epaulets measured to original specifications. From the tailored rugged military poplin fabrics commanding authority to a variety of '60s "happy days" plaids, this is the one shirt your girlfriend or significant other will want to pry off you. By the end of the week after multiple wearings, it will really need to see the washer. Easily cared for in machine washable fine 100% cottons, you'll never want to take this puppy off. It feels and fits sooooo well. We decided to make the "D.I" in olives and blacks in a file weave cotton that shows age without wear. For Spring and Summer fun, we've put some stripes and plaids in the mix - a soft tender feeling but durable flat weave cotton that lets the shirt breath while giving the appearance of the original form fit without the restrictions of the actual Army or Marine Corps item. A long sleeved shirt  for all occasions, all states of mind... It took me a long time to find exactly the right contour and arm hole fit to match what the most fashion conscious would even consider in such a straight laced shirt. All this while also accomodating the customer who really wants to relive those early bonding days with the guys in his or her first training platoon. Don't get me wrong, these shirts in stiff vintage military fabrics were actually worn in combat so they are great for domestic spats! Just put one on and PEACE will regin. Enjoy the history blended into contemporary style! Find it at the Cockpit Store in NOHO at 652 Broadway or on our web site: Keep 'em flying! Jeff Clyman