Written by Jeff Clyman, the founder and President of Cockpit USA, Cowboys of the Sky is an awe inspiring chronicle of different eras of aviation past along with iconic military jackets and those who wore them, woven within a historical context and presented in this legendary hardback book. From Charles Lindbergh to Jimmy Doolittle, Herbert Fisher, Charles "Chuck" Yaeger, General Patton, Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers, these colorfully illustrated pages leave no remarkable airman or his leather bomber jacket unturned. Studded with 800 color and black and white photographs,  along with a combination of original, historical and modern documents, backed up by the first hand knowledge of Jeff Clyman, a leading authority on leather, technical advisor and a highly regarded specialist on U.S. flight jackets, this book is the only worthy source of information on the market for anyone interested in flight jackets and 20th century aviation history. Grab your copy of Cowboys of the Sky today!