We’ve thrown out our battered boat shoes, packed away our shorts and bid a final farewell to the balmy climes of summer. However, fear not for we are not forlorn in the slightest but instead very excited to present a preview of this season’s dapper new collection. Staying ever faithful to Cockpit USA’s signature style of heritage imbued clothing, this season’s line consists of perennial wardrobe staples such as the black leather racer with knitted collar, the Vintage G1 jacket, a WWII waxed cotton navy deck jacket boasting aluminium fireman clasps and a classic, fitted field jacket. Sheepskin, coyote trims and waxed finishes permeate the autumnal hued collection for an understated, yet edgy aesthetic. The WWII Hybrid Coat is innovatively brought up to date in olive wool with contrasting hazel brown leather accents while the asymmetrical lines of the navy Oarsmen Coat and grandly built Upper Bridge Coat with leather strap features epitomise the entire collection’s slant of putting contemporary twists on classic favorites. All looks are perfectly complimented with all denim by 4-stroke and boots by H.H. Brown and Wolverine.