All week, we at Cockpit USA will be guiding you along on your Father's Day gifting festivities. Yesterday we brought you the Gamesmen D.I. shirt as a welcome addition to any pops' wardrobe. Today we're going to suggest our favorite, good old American rye to aid some good old American R&R! There's no doubt every father deserves to kick back and relax and we can't think of a better way than with a bottle of Bulleit Rye. Although a new addition to the rye whiskey market, Bulleit has a highly regarded bourbon history which precedes it and their newest addition to the family adheres to the same high standards. Aged for a minimum of four years in brand new oak barrels charred to the highest level, the golden nectar has a whiff of exotic spices and cherries with woody undertones. Smooth to the taste, the rye has a complex richness of oak, maple syrup and cherries with a touch of spiciness and warmth. Just right on the nose and a pleasure on the palate, this whiskey also comes in a bottle so cool you won't even need to wrap it. Every father at Cockpit USA HQ wants one of these on Sunday!