Being that Cockpit USA is an authentic heritage brand and official supplier to the U.S. Air Force we have quite the customer range. On a recent trip to the American Airpower Museum, I sat down with the son of founder Jeff Clyman who we will refer to as "Goose" (for privacy matters, Top Gun movie reference and well... my own personal humor) to discuss the difference between men's fashion and military out-fitting.
Goose is currently serving our country as an F-16 fighter pilot, and is also a New York based bachelor. Dressed to impress as always we begin to talk "photo shoots" and "brand direction", and just as Goose begins to inform me that my models are "too pretty" and was looking at a pair of skinny jeans like I was asking him to put on with a doubtful look- we realized there was some work to be done… I had the best project in mind :)
The goal at Cockpit is to capture the fashionable and the "Guy's-guy" men of the world and I apparently missed a swag in my skip. So for fun we switched it up, each of us styled and posed the other. Without further a do...
I present:
Rudy Gonzales- Fighter Pilot a.k.a Fashion Buyer & Publicist
Goose- Stylish New Yorker  a.k.a F-16 Fighter Pilot & Stud
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