Every Friday at Cockpit USA we like to present you with unique dining experiences that combine aviation and food. However, this week we bring you something that raises the bar in the unique stakes. Located in Colorado Springs, is one of the largest piston aircraft ever to be created by Boeing - the Boeing KC-97. Built in 1953, the plane is not merely just a visual history lesson in aviation... it also happens to contain a very aptly named restaurant too! Entitled The Airplane Restaurant, this eaterie seats 42 and boasts a menu of all time favorites including their signature Steak Neptune, Salmon Neptune and Chicken Marsala. Decorated with hundreds of pieces of memorabilia and photographs, the Airplane Restaurant is an all encompassing and genuinely unparalleled aviation and dining experience! 1665 N. Newport Rd. One block east of Powers on Fountain Blvd. 719-570-7656