Here at Cockpit USA, we make no bones about our love for food. Along with our allegiance to all things heritage, we also boast a secret addiction to all foods grown in the USA which is why our weekends are spent in great part at local farmer’s markets across whichever city we find ourselves in, sniffing apples and trying out home made preserves ready to feast on for brunch on Sundays! Located in Los Angeles, the Crenshaw Farmer’s market takes place every Saturday and offers a whole host of fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and sweets sourced entirely from the surrounding areas. With twelve farmers and seven food vendors in attendance every week, there is no end to the array of good old home made and home grown eats available. What’s more, once a month the market spices up proceedings with cooking demonstrations, tastings, contests and live entertainment for kids and adults alike. Open all year round; come rain or shine, the Crenshaw Farmer’s Market is a hub of community spirit and all American camaraderie that we at Cockpit USA cannot get enough of! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out! Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza at 3650 Martin Luther King Jr. blvd, at Stocker St.