front_11_revised2I get a thrill every time I walk into my store. (Cockpit USA between Bleecker and Bond in Noho).  But this is a second store.....I remember back in the early 1980s-yes, we've been around a while-when I wanted to make a "museum inside a store" and a "store inside a museum". The first store was at 595 Broadway and had a full size AT-6 WWII airplane and an aircraft carrier motif. The first theme store in the New York area! And the first fashion store on Broadway in 1986. Seems difficult to believe today when you walk down Broadway. But the store today still remains unique. I would be hard pressed to find any store in New York City like it. Now we have a real WWII C-45 airplane cockpit section as you walk in. Just North of Houston at 652 Broadway this place is a vintage time capsule with the oldest as well as the coolest contemporary fashion mixed with antiques, vintage flight jackets, giant size airplane models of World War II,  Jet Age Aircraft, a Tuskegee Airman P51 Mustang - all flying off the sides of the walls or coming straight at you as you walk in. We have been making and make in the USA -actually in the tristate area -the greatest goatskin, antique lamb and horse hide A-2 , G-1 flight jackets and a collection of WWII replica American sheepskin jackets for men and women.  You can even special order your personalized version if money is no object although, compared to designer versions, ours are a bargain. Add tees featuring the  authentic or funny graphics, khakis, jeans, antique furniture for sale including a kitchen hutch from the 1700’s ,this place is an old fashioned General Store!  But we don't stop at carrying just our branded merchandise......WESC jeans, Mosley Tribes and Randolph sunglasses, Fortis, Torgoen and G-Shock watches, Canterbury of New Zealand for men, women and children, Tretorn boots, PF FLyers sneakers, Corcoran, Belleville and Bates authentic  military pilot and Army parachute boots...We even feature the latest bakeries who supply us with brownies or cookies. The upstairs attic and garage sale areas give the shopper a great choice of crazy stuff to buy from beautiful fashion samples to World War II Russian leather flyers helmets complete with real flyers goggles and a  book library FOR SALE explaining all the things you never wanted to know. So join us at 652 Broadway in Manhattan cause there’s really neat stuff with wonderful sales people who will cater to your every whim or leave you alone if you say “Don’t bother me I’m just looking.” And if you don't find something "right" or you want to suggest improvements, by all means, send an email ( or comment on the blog. Criticism helps us get better. Jeff Clyman President (founder Avirex and Cockpit) For a 10% off regular priced merchandise pls write a review about Cockpit at City Search - Click Here>  to write a review.