In the same way that we at Cockpit USA preserve history through the creation of WWII leather aviation jackets, Film Corps is an outreach program that collects, maintains and presents pieces of aged film which captures unseen moments of the war. From his beginnings as a minister in Iowa, Bob Marken's father went on to become a chaplain in the National Guard. His interest in photography and relentless bravery on the front line, which awarded him a deserved record, with time resulted in reels of film capturing his time in service in Europe. While maintaining spiritual morale among the troops, conducting church services and providing prayer for the wounded and dying G.I.'s, Marken's father managed to film Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and even a young Queen Elizabeth. Discovered by his son many years later, these many hours of moving image have been transferred from their disintegrating reels onto video, where they have been edited and narrated, creating unique pieces of film specifically preserved in his memory. Take a look at this interesting video taken by