After months of dedication and hard work, it is with pride that we at Cockpit USA introduce the 4th edition of our acclaimed army, air force, and fashion catalog. Designed to embody Cockpit's signature heritage influences and reflect our title as the official suppliers to the U.S. Air Force, the new catalog presents our iconic A-2 and G-1 bombers along with the sleek motocross, textile M-43 and luxury shearling and sheepskin styles in a fresh and easy to access way. Be sure to have a peek and look out for the ‘USS Forrestal Carrier’ which pays homage to the Vietnam war and the capsule of women’s jackets inspired by the famous ‘First Lady of Aviation’ Amelia Earhart!
Photographed by the talented Theodore Samuels
Styled and directed by Rudy Gonzales alongside Jeff and Jacky Clyman