LTB Album Funding Campaign! Hey Kickstarters!! We're Lawrence Trailer Band and we need your support to help record our debut album "The Declaration"! We're a trio based out of NYC and have been on the musical grind since the end of 2010. It's never an easy task for an up and coming band to record their first album. Nonetheless, we are motivated to bring our fresh new sound to your ears. Like any new band, we're broke! But with it being the 21st century and all, being broke doesn't mean all is lost. Kickstarter is making it possible for bands like us to reach our goals by offering you, the family, friends, fans, and listeners, a chance to be apart of our music. We want to begin recording the end of July at Fenix Studios in NYC. Our good friend and accomplished producer, Dave Clauss is supporting us all the way, but needs a studio to unleash the magic. Studios are unfortunately not free, and our 9-5's aren't going to cut the cost of such a venture, so we need your help to make that happen. A total of 3 days at Fenix Studios is needed to record drums, bass, and mix the album. Then two days of renting equipment at Dave's house to record guitars, overdubs, vocals, and anything else we may want to add to the final product. This in total will cost us around $1,500, which, for what we're getting, is a steal!! If we're able to raise more than $1,500 we have more plans for the push of our project. Once we've recorded our album, we need to bring the songs to you, the fans! Besides having digital copies online, we want to press 200 CD's (yeah we know they're dying if not dead) which will run us about $600. We also want to spread the word about our music with marketing campaigns, t-shirts, posters, and online advertising to name a few. After that we want to give the remainder of what we raised to Dave Clauss for helping us free of charge. We're very lucky to have such an incredible team of support. Dave Clauss does not have to help us, but he is because he believes in the music. Same goes for our clothing sponsor, Cockpit USA, who is generous enough to supply us with clothing for our live shoots and performances. The very same goes for Fred Watford who helps us immensely with photos and videos, like the one you've seen on our page! When you support LTB, you support not only the music, but the people around us who help make it happen. We appreciate anything you can donate, and we've got some exclusive incentives that may make you want to donate a little more! Even if you don't have money to contribute, all we ask is that you listen, come to live shows, and/or spread the word of LTB to every willing ear. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you immensely! Only time will tell if we reach our goal, but either way it's you, the listeners, that we do it for. Stay posted for updates and release announcements. And again, thank you so much for any support you can offer! Love Always, LTB