Provider of sound quality expertise to NASA space shuttles, the Olympic Games, the Sistine Chapel and homes all across the globe, Bose is the leading name in audio products and a USA Made brand which we at Cockpit are great supporters of! Established in the USA, the story begins in 1950s when Dr. Amar G. Bose, a grad student from MIT at the time, purchased a high spec stereo system, which did not meet his standards of quality. Some years later in 1964, as a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the still dissatisfied Dr. Bose founded the Bose Corporation in a mission to improve the delivery of sound. Determined in his quest, Dr. Bose undertook considerable investigation and research into the biology behind the way humans perceive sound, speaker design and sound technologies. The result was the 901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system. Launched in 1968, this innovative creation received all-around approval and went on to change the face of the audio industry forever. Now, while continuing to develop technologies and create groundbreaking products, Bose remains an internationally recognised and highly regarded name as the providers of high quality sound in homes and as designers of audio systems for professional surroundings within the entertainment, aviation and automotive industries.