With a meticulous 125 step manufacturing process into each and every pair, it is no wonder Cove Shoe Company has established itself as a world class brand of shoes and boots. Combining good old fashioned hard working ethics with the newest of technology, this Pennsylvania based footwear company, like Cockpit USA supplies the US Army with its hard wearing, high performing products of impeccable quality! Along with furnishing mining, search and rescue, homeland security, law enforcement and military industries, Cove Shoe Co. also produces CorcoranMatterhorn, branded and private label footwear. With products that are both reliable in design and durable in execution, Cockpit USA and Cove Shoe Company have more than just the Made In USA tag in common!     . We know our rigidly controlled 125-step manufacturing process is not a mere advertising slogan, but rather it is the necessary process to build footwear that withstands the test of time and defines customer satisfaction. Cove Shoe Company designs and produces activity-specific boots in response to the real needs of real professionals. We already serve diverse industries like law enforcement, mining, search and rescue, military, and homeland security. And we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to assist countless others.