This week, here at Cockpit USA we have acquired a small taste for whiskey. Of course, being American made aficionados, we mean bourbon to be precise! No doubt, every weekend from now until September will involve a picnic, BBQ or some form of social merry making and we see no better way to aid that then with a bottle of USA's finest nectar. Officially astablished in 1884, Four Roses Bourbon began life in Louisville, Kentucky, by Paul Jones Jr. on the historic "Whiskey Row." With a colorful history and being one of only six distilleries in the country with permission to produce bourbon through the prohibition for medicinal purposes, Four Roses is a brand of good faith and fine quality. With ten separate bourbons distilled at their home in Kentucky, there is something to suit every palate. Our personal favorite is the smooth and mellow Four Roses Yellow, perfect on the rocks or in a good Old Fashioned.