Here at Cockpit USA we are becoming all too aware of the descending cold weather! As leather aficionados and firm believers in preservation, we are getting ready for the chill and rain by preparing our boots! Being a proud USA Made company, we endorse fellow home grown brands and when it comes to leather care, Montana Pitch-Blend is a name we support! Established in 1985 following a spate of wet feet, much annoyance and a sheer moment of light bulb genius, this Montana born label was founded and has since gone on to handcraft products specifically for the care of leather. Using their signature Pine Pitch ingredient, both natural and powerful in its preservative prowess, Montana Pitch-Blend creates an array of products from leather oil, soap and dressing. With peers who also produce premium products from a place of proud American heritage, we at Cockpit USA will most definitely be keeping our leathers in tip top condition with the aid of Montana Pitch-Blend!