An action film rampant with vigorous exploits and studded with Hollywood stars, including John Wayne and Robert Ryan, Flying Leathernecks is a perfect film to fire up a quiet, post Thanksgiving Monday evening! From the same producer of the epic Sands of Iwo Jima, Edmund Raymond and director Nicholas Ray churn out a heroic feat focused on the experiences of United States Marine Corps aviators during WWII. Cult favorite John Wayne takes on the role of Major Dan Kirby, a straight talking, little caring squadron commander at odds with the laid back executive officer Captain Carl Griffin, played by Robert Ryan. As the action unfolds and the pilots become familiar with each other, Major Kirby cultivates a softer approach towards his men while Captain Griffin understands the importance of control and integrity. Undeniably patriotic and enjoyable to watch to this day, Flying Leathernecks is a hardy war movie that has outlasted time! Cockpit USA approved!