Hailing from across the pond, In Which We Serve is a British 1942 war movie filmed during WWII. Based on the exploits of British statesman and naval officer, the celebrated Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten, this film depicts the voyages of Torrin, a British destroyer that sees its fair share of action in battle from being torpedoed to dive bombed. Written and directed by Noel Coward, who composed the score and stars in front of the camera too, this masterminded piece was created with the help of the Ministry of Information, which helped etch a patriotic message of teamwork, national unity and heroism into the celluloid of this cinematic feat. Also featuring Bernard Miles, Celia Johnson, John Mills and Richard Attenborough in his first film role, In Which We Serve is a classic war film, making it perfect for the Cockpit USA Movie Monday pick!