Amid the great abundance of war movies out there, MacArthur is one which holds a special place in the heart of Cockpit USA HQ. Directed by Joseph Sargent, the 1977 movie tells the biographical tale of the icon that is General Douglas MacArthur. Starring Gregory Peck as the title character, the film portrays a decade in MacArthur's military career from 1942 to 1952, but begins quite artfully at the very end, with his final address before his alma mater of West Point. Composed of flash backs, the movie then recounts episodes in the great American general's life, from his victories in the South Pacific, his endeavours to reestablish respect to postwar Japan and his eventual removal by President Truman for defying orders during the Korean conflict. Remarkable in its execution, the biopic succeeds in the portrayal of General MacArthur as the strategic, intensely patriotic and dignified military man that he was. It is even said that actor Gregory Peck began shooting with disdain for MacArthur but wrapped with a great sense of appreciation for the general.  Not alone in his respect, Cockpit USA also hold General MacArthur in high regards, so much so that we attributed our WWII Government Issue A-2 to the memory of the great man himself as it was his jacket of choice during the war! We'll be wearing ours when we settle down to watch this movie tonight!