Between the 1870s and 1900s, the New York City was in the burgeoning stage of carving out its iconic shape in the skies courtesy of major newspaper headquarters. The Times, Tribune and World built up their iconic towers, cutting tall figures in the skyline and forming 'Newspaper Row' located east of City Hall Park. Unlike today, the entire news production operation from sniffing out stories, to editing, printing and distribution was housed under one looming roof. As self confessed vultures of culture and history lovers, the new exhibition at The Skyscraper Museum in NYC entitled Newspaper Spires: From Park Row to Times Square certainly caught our attention at Cockpit USA! Not only will authentic photographs and architectural drawings of the buildings be on show, but books, magazines and old, grizzly newspapers of yesteryear will also be on display as a tribute to the paling existence of the print world and the power it once wielded.    
Apr 4 – July 15 Daily
The Skyscraper Museum 39 Battery Place